Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks Review

Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks Book

Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks also covers The Athenians, Persians and probably one of the most famous Greeks of all Alexander the Great (https://www.ancient.eu/Alexander_the_Great/). Also covered is how the Greeks lived their daily lives, what they ate, illness, medicines, how they died and even what the Greeks thought about. This section told us about the Greek Oracles who were supposed to be able to speak to the Gods and tell a person their future. A little bit like fortune tellers the kids agreed.

As we the next Olympics is coming up in the summer this year in 2020 we were interested to read about how they originated with the Greek Games (https://www.greekgames.org/) and what the first Olympics were like. The first Olympics were simple races then other events were added such as relay races. These were not like the relays we know today as the runners carried burning torches to pass on not batons. We were all laughing at the prospect of your hand being burnt to bits if the chap in front didn’t pass the torch in the right way. Groovy Greeks also has the usual Test Your Teacher Section plus quizzes and games.

Our Verdict

Groovy Greeks (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Groovy-Greeks-Horrible-Histories/dp/0439944023) tells it as it was but compared with some of the other Horrible Histories titles (http://horrible-histories.co.uk/) the details don’t seem as gruesome. Maybe the Greeks were a little more civilised than people in other parts of history? The kids enjoyed reading about the Groovy Greeks, while we adults learned a thing or two also. The children’s favourite sections were learning about the Olympics and of course the test your teacher quiz that they tried out on we adults and I am certainly not going to tell what we scored!